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Floor heating

Hidrotek is specialized for the installation of radiant floor and wall surface heating and cooling, made by world-famous company REHAU.

We provide overall solution for your space:

Contemporary floor heating system differs from classic radiator system, because hot water in the building is conducted all over floor surface, under the final floor covering materials, in rooms that you want to heat.

Advantages of surface heating over traditional ways of heating are numerous:

Wall heating is similar to the floor heating, with water circulation system installed in the room walls. It can be combined with floor heating for the best results.

During the hot summer season, system of floor and wall heating can be used for cooling, without additional expenses and inconveniences of air conditioners, such are noise or cold air flows.

Common name for floor and wall heating is surface heating system. It can be connected to all types of cauldrons, heat pumps and distant heating as well.

Installation of REHAU surface heating system guarantees optimal temperature of space, both in summer and winter, with significant savings of energy that will reduce your expenses. It can be installed in all types of buildings and apartments, whether they are still in construction phase or should be adapted. Installation of all components is fast and simple, with the highest level of security and quality.

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