Heating and plumbing installations

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Plumbing and drainage in buildings

If you are an architect, building contractor or investor, please request a quote and detailed information:

We lay out complete plumbing and drainage installations, as per the project, from water meter to the final consumer, as well as from the street manhole to air vent on the roof, together with installation of sanitary equipment and gallantry.

By proper installation of quality pipes and equipment, you will get plumbing installations with immaculate performance for a long time.

Our qualities are knowledge and good organization. That is why we can offer competitive prices and fast performance.

Hydrant system installation

Hydrant system for fire extinguishing is a system of pipes, devices and equipment for bringing water from the safe source to the rooms in the building.

All parts of the hydrant system should be regularly inspected and repaired, so it can be functional all the time.

We are able to install complete hydrant system, together with hydrant boxes, including repair and maintenance.

Please have a look at the plumbing installations reference gallery.