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Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation is a complex endeavour, performed in several phases and comprises different types of work - building, plumbing, electricity and ceramic tiles installation.

In order to organize job more efficiently, thus saving time and money, we provide all these services in a turnkey package.

After we check the location, we will offer you technically feasible solutions and advise you on how to buy appropriate bathroom equipment (faucets, ceramics, boilers, etc.), in order to get quality bathroom, with optimal space usage. If you already have the technically correct renovation project, we will conduct our work in accordance with it.

The renovation price can be determined only after our visit. Our location check and quote are free of charge.

Bathroom renovation phases

  • project design for a new plumbing and sanitation network in the location
  • delivery of water pipes and other material
  • removal of the old tiles and fixtures
  • waste removal
  • laying out new plumbing and sanitation network
  • moving electrical outlets, if necessary
  • applying the hydro-insulation layer
  • ceramic tiles installation
  • installation of new bathroom fixtures
  • connection of all elements and putting them to work
  • cleaning and preparation of the bathroom for regular use
  • issuing of receipt and warranty

Our recommendation

When choosing elements for a new bathroom, we suggest you to consider these brands:


Guarantee for the renovation work is 5 years, starting from the date when bathroom was put to use. For Rehau installations, there is a 10 year guarantee. We use quality materials made by eminent manufacturers, this being one of the conditions for a valid warranty. After the guarantee period is over, we offer you maintenance for VIP clients, including discounts and time priority (up to 24 hours).

A new bathroom requires 7 to 10 days to finish, depending on its size and complexity. Big bathrooms require 12 to 15 days.

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